Blowjob contest at the CFNM party

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This is one of the best CFNM stories ever. It starts with a bunch of gorgeous babes who were talking about sucking hard boners, and each one of them thought that she is the best when it comes to deepthroating a penis. The time has come for them to get down on their knees and give their best to make a guy cum at the CFNM party. This long haired brunette naughty princess was the first to open her mouth wide and take a stiff boner of a naked guy who was just standing there and waiting for all the clothed sluts to give him a blowjob. He has one of the best CFNM stories to tell.

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PJ party and sleepover is wilder with drunk chicks

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Girly sleepovers are supposed to be fun entertaining and innocent, but when a bit of alcohol is thrown in the mix, these drunk chicks become hornier and wilder then before. The entertainment at this sleepover didn’t come in form of popcorn and movies but rather a tanned and toned stud, which walked right in between drunk chicks. The sight of his ripped body and not a clear state of mind, prompted these babes to take an opportunity of cfnm, not seen every day. Quickly getting to action, one hottie couldn’t contain herself any longer and took a delicious piece of meet all for her. Cfnm happens everywhere anytime and provides great enjoyment.

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Drunk party girls getting their huge jugs fucked

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These drunk party girls never though that they will have so much fun when they arrived on this party but it turned out to be the night with the most amazing CFNM action ever as this hung black stripper appeared there to entertain them. When he saw a bunch of drunk party girls looking at him he knew that he will have some fun himself too so he did his show and they asked for more and more. At the end he decided to give them a nice CFNM show so he came to a particularly busty babe and rubbed his big shaft between her huge jugs.

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CFNM makes drunk chicks hot and horny

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Sometimes where there are no guys around, some babes get bored. Sitting around the tables, chatting and drinking can only bring in half the fun. But one of the drunk chicks had a bit too much to drink and alcohol made her frisky. Loving to expose herself, she pulled her top down to show the full supple breasts that she’s proud off. Bad ventilation or heat from all the alcohol, made this drunk chick very hot to a point of pulling her dress up to show whitish cotton panties. As other drunk chicks went on about their bored business, no one really noticed the real cfnm action happening in the background. While waiting for their cfnm turn, at least one drunk chick got to entertain herself.

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Drunk party girls creaming strippers

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Drunk party girls, cream, oil and male strippers are all the ingredients needed for a night of hardcore CFNM fun. If you take a look at these photos from a girls-only party you will see that these two dudes that were doing a nice dance for these ladies were happier than ever to let them have their way with them. These two drunk party girls decided to have a really good time with their massive shafts so they lied them down and sucked them off after they sprayed their cocks with whipped cream. The CFNM party went on until the early morning hours there.

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